massage therapist

Have You Ever..

Today I want to know..

If you’ve ever had a massage?

I asked this recently to another group of friends and was surprised at the results.

It was almost an even split between yes and no.

The funny thing is..

I never had a massage before going to massage school.

So why am I so curious to ask this? I want to know if you’re like me.

I see a lot of newbie clients (they’re completely new to massage) in my practice. I love it! But I’m someone who loves educating and explaining things in general - not everyone does.

A client could come to me for their first massage ever and have an experience including - information given, questions asked, check-ins during and after the massage appointment, etc. - and had they gone to someone else, that might not have been the case.

I am the Queen of Analogies - a client gave me this title, & I shall wear it proudly. I enjoy breaking down the big bad concepts of anatomy and physiology into bite-sized portions my clients can understand.

So.. are you a newbie to massage, or are you a seasoned professional client?