I See You..

Never have three words sparked such a great conversation.

And you wanna know why?

Because we all want to be seen.

I dare you to try this on your own people - on social media, in your family, or your friends circle. Let them know you see them. Heck, even just say “I see you” and watch what happens.

You’ll get the class clown who needs to make it funny and ask if you see dead people too, but you’ll strike a cord with most of the group.

We spend our days behind screens, suffer from allergies the second we step out the door, & don’t even say “hi” to our neighbors anymore. We don’t know how to interact.

You could change someone’s entire day just by letting them know you see them.

So go.. speak.. change someone’s day. And then come tell me how it went!


Image by Jaimi Bailey Photography.

Image by Jaimi Bailey Photography.